The Actall team has developed innovative technologies and installed highly accurate RTLS systems for customers in a wide array of industries. Our scalable solutions are built specifically to handle complex physical environments, meaning the transmission of location data isn’t impeded by concrete or steel-reinforced walls, multiple stories, winding corridors, stairwells, industrial kitchens and laundries, or any number of facility-specific nuances that would wreak havoc with other RTLS systems. Actall’s ATLAS RTLS solution thrives in complex physical environments and other facilities where traditional locating methods fall short.

Whether you’re using RTLS for tracking, efficiency, staffing logistics or duress, ATLAS RTLS articulates useful location data to quickly get help where it’s needed and make workflows more efficient in all areas of your organization. An Actall ATLAS solution can help you increase your RTLS return on investment by improving your operations.

AZ, CA, HI, NM, NV, UT, El Paso, TX

AV Costar is a US-based company offering complete video surveillance solutions to customers around the world and remains a leader in the introduction of new, leading-edge technologies. The company has made commitments to product quality and after-installation support of those leading-edge products for our end user customers and our authorized security dealers and integrators. Our executive leadership and the entire company are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, and in continuing to invest additional resources into our Quality Assurance, Inside Sales and Technical Assistance Center customer support teams and processes.


Camden Door Controls is an industry-leading provider of innovative, high quality and competitively priced door activation, control and locking products for any access control or automatic door application. We bring an unsurpassed combination of product quality, performance and value to every access control and automatic door project. Camden Door Controls offers the most extensive range and the highest quality door activating, locking, and control products in the market. Camden products are the professional’s choice for code compliant access control and automatic door applications.


ELK is a leading designer and manufacturer of customized home and business security, energy management and convenience solutions. For over 20 years, we have created a trusted brand with simple, yet innovative products that have now become industry standards. Our customer service is world class and we stand behind the products we sell with industry leading technical support and warranty. We are focused on creating products that secure and simplify life. In the rapidly changing security and automation market, ELK offers an integrated approach that delivers full featured and personalized solutions for security, lighting, environmental control, energy conservation, access control, and management of just about any electrical feature in the home or business. 


Designed to provide power to POE devices with limited access to electrical utilities. The EP-SOL-POE-0136 has built in Power Over Ethernet (POE) and available
integrated Wireless LTE Connectivity. Powered by an industry leading 36 AH battery, expand the possibilities of your POE device solutions. The Solar POE Station has a robust and durable construction that is suitable for roads, parks, parking lots, campuses, construction sites, bus stops, and agricultural use.

CA, HI, NoNV, Guam

Fiber SenSys®, Inc., (FSI) is the market-leading manufacturer of fiber-optic intrusion detection systems for outdoor perimeters and physical data networks. FSI sensors have been successfully deployed on fences and alongside physical data networks at the most critical sites in the world.  Our manufacturing and design headquarters are located just outside of Portland, Oregon, with sales and support offices around the world.


Great Lakes Data Racks & Cabinets specializes in the manufacturing and integration of indoor/outdoor enclosures for the storage and protection of IT equipment. Through innovative engineering, Great Lakes is able to uniquely address the airflow, power, cable management and security requirements associated with telecommunications, network, and server deployments of all sizes. Since 1985, our core mission is to provide responsive goods and services that exceed the expectations of commercial and government organizations around the world.


Around the world, Gunnebo Entrance Control is the name found on turnstiles, speed gates, revolving doors, and security booths in the most demanding of applications. Wherever you need innovation, quality, and style, you can be assured we are the world’s leading specialist in entrance control solutions. Our advanced barriers and detection systems help you to manage the flow of people, keep them safe, and support security policies.

Through our global network of manufacturing locations, we provide a range of entrance control solutions that set the benchmark for others. A focus on quality for effortless operation that lasts for years. A design flair that lifts your lobby or gateway via a custom-stylish appearance which welcomes visitors. And innovation that brings speed, flexibility and integration with your existing identification and access control systems.

AZ, CA, HI, NM, NV, UT, El Paso, TX

Traditionally, access control and intrusion detection systems have worked independently of each other. ICT brings these together to provide a single cohesive and unified solution that helps you keep unwanted visitors outside, while enabling you to monitor and control access inside.  Using a single system for access control, intrusion detection, and building automation not only saves money on the installation, the features it unlocks can lead to improved staff safety, a more user friendly system that is more efficient to operate, and of course a higher level of security.


Next Generation AI-Enabled Video Analytics

IronYun’s Vaidio® AI Vision Platform provides AI-enabled video search and analytics for security, health, safety, and operations by using multiple 6th generation AI video analytics engines to provide higher accuracy and lower total costs.  Vaidio solutions are deployed with over ten thousand cameras worldwide in perimeter security, intrusion detection, access control, LPR, and FR applications. Additionally, Vaidio Social Health Analytics® for public health screening, temperature detection, face mask detection, distancing detection, people counting and occupancy detection are currently in production in a number of transit, manufacturing and airport facilities worldwide.  The goal of the Vaidio AI Vision Platform is to apply cross-functional AI analytics to help make the world a safer place.


Located in Van Nuys, California, Louroe Electronics® has been the world leader in audio monitoring technology since its inception in 1979.  Recognized globally, Louroe Electronics’ products are used in 50 countries and are utilized by both the private sector and government.  The company’s Verifact® line of microphones, complementing base stations, and communication accessories, provide line level output to interface with various digital electronics. For over three decades, Louroe Electronics has maintained rigorous standards to ensure their products provide reliability, durability, and excellent performance for their customers’ needs.


Why Choose LYNN?

Without trying to sound too modest, we are THE best value. LYNN has been servicing communication distributors with an unmatched dedication to integrity, quality, and commitment to customers, since 1964.

With dedicated Datacom and Broadband divisions, we support the unique needs of both enterprise and service providers manufacturing a full range of networking and FTTx solutions at an exceptional value.


Mirasys is an independent Video Management Software (VMS) manufacturer head quartered in Helsinki, Finland with brick and mortar representation across the globe. We provide an aggressive VMS offering for entry, middle and enterprise tier projects. Partnering with accredited server manufacturers regionally; Mirasys offers a robust, stable, easy, cost effective alternative. With a dedicated IP camera driver team Mirasys is rapidly expanding its support for the latest in imaging technology. To date, we support over 2000 IP cameras via Native integrations, in addition to the latest ONVIF and PSIA versions. Customer favorite features include: client side 360 Dewarping (Live, Playback, and Exported Video), LDAP, Bookmarking, Virtual Matrix, Video Analytics, Failover, etc.


All-In-One Surveillance Solution – Fully autonomous AI agents with a robust cloud-based management system equipped with integrated machine learning proficiency. The Mobile Marshalls utilize state-of-the-art triggers to identify, track objects and events that deliver clear and concise situational awareness based on rules and abnormal activity detection.


Discover Oncam

At Oncam we are obsessed about 360-degree surveillance technology. It’s everything we have focused on for the past 15 years and the reason why our image quality and dewarping technology are loved by our customers. We aim to build easy-to-use, comprehensive products to enhance security and optimize business efficiency for you. We work across a wide range of industries and different use-cases and verticals for our partners.

With our Multi-Mode technology, you no longer have to choose between native fisheye and dewarped views. You can maintain the benefits of a 360-degree view, and now create and stream up to 4 different dewarped views, live or playback, running at different frame rates. Choose between a 180-degree Panoramic+ views, 2 and 3-way TCorridor views and VCams depending on your camera mount orientation.


Platinum Tools, founded in 1997, was created based upon two very simple objectives. First, develop and source the absolute best possible solutions for the preparation, installation and hand termination of wire and cable. Second, implement an operational infrastructure that can deliver these products in an efficient, timely and high quality manner.

All of our products absolutely must satisfy three critical benchmark criteria – Utility of function, Quality of function, and Economic value.

AZ, CA, HI, NM, NV, El Paso, TX

ProActive was born out of the necessity to fill a gap in the industry that has long been ignored with the Vault Archive and Pulse Monitoring. Now that the technology and hardware have become a commodity and available to all, integrators across the world have lost the ability to be competitive.  Our idea started in 2012, when Tom Maggio and Software Developer Michael Biordi made a commitment to never disappoint clients again due to the technology either failing or simply overwriting. The truth, as we all know is, there can be a thousand reasons for a client to not have their video ( for example, camera failure, hard drive failure, overwritten data, and internet loss).   Now there is a solution for long term storage, compatibility, and Cloud storage.


For more than two decades, Seneca has been the trusted name for innovative video appliances.  All our hardware solutions are based on enterprise grade components that ensure long-term reliability. They come with proprietary software tools that are game changers for everything from installation to remote monitoring to disaster recovery. Our award-winning customer service team is unmatched. We have deep industry partnerships and the strong global supply chain of a Fortune 104 company.

HI, NorCal, No NV, NM, El Paso, TX

TOA Corporation, Ltd. is a manufacturer of professional audio equipment and security equipment with a product range of IP Audio Solutions, Amplifiers, Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification Systems, Mixer/Audio Processors, PA Speakers, Pro-Audio Speakers, Wireless & Wired Microphones, Intercom Systems, Conference Systems, and much more.   Our mission is not only to provide you with durable high-quality equipment, but above all else, deliver exceptional sound.  In schools, concert halls, retail locations, airports, stadiums, and many other venues, our sound systems deliver clear communication, music, and important audio messaging to millions of people.


With a global sales network and partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry, Veracity is the acknowledged market leader in our chosen specialist field. Veracity IP solutions are grouped into three key areas : Transmission, Storage and Display. We work in co-operation with a large and expanding range of industry partners, as our products directly increase sales of IP cameras, digital video recorders, video management systems and many other IP related security products in an increasingly competitive market.

AZ, CA, HI, NM, NV, UT, El Paso, TX

Vicon is a global leader in advanced security and surveillance technology to safeguard businesses, schools, municipalities, hospitals and cities across the world. We specialize in engineering complete security solutions that simplify deployment, operation and ongoing maintenance.

At Vicon, we realize that selecting a security access control system marks the beginning of a long-term relationship. You’ve chosen a system in which to place your trust for years to come and, while installation may not be complete for some time, your financial and emotional investment begins at the time you make that commitment to purchase.

That is why it is so important for you to feel confident in your choice from day one — long before your system is operational. And Vicon is determined to make that happen, offering a range of professional services that ensure your entire experience is trouble-free.


At VITEK we are dedicated to client relation ships and strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers of software and control systems to make every installation a more harmonious and complete success.   We produce a complete line of CCTV including affordable High Definition cameras, recorders and monitors in both Network and High definition over coax formats.