♦ Representation:

We are a trusted agent operating with integrity, professionalism in a highly technical manner.

♦ Growth:

We are focused on customer satisfaction, product training, and protecting profitability and return on investment.

♦ Synergy:

Our expertise and relationships allow us to offer cutting edge complimentary solutions to meet the ever changing needs of our clients.

At Badger Reps, we empower security professionals with contemporary, well thought out security designs aimed at solving their customers’ business requirements.  We find that most businesses have inadequate security, unusable video surveillance, unrestricted access, and limited visibility of who is coming and going into their environment.  Conventional security designs provide standard solutions, treating all customer requirements the same.  Our reps at Badger Reps will assess your needs and provide common sense solutions that work.  We will provide you with superior customer service, best in class training, and from time to time as needed, a team of collaborators unparalleled in the market space.

Badger Aside…

Much like the name implies, the reps at Badger Reps are not afraid to take on any task when it comes to customer service and are earnest with undying, persistent loyalty to those who choose to do business with us.  Once you are a part of the Badger family, we have your back.  What started out as a nickname to the founder, Badger Reps has become a moniker that epitomizes our philosophy, bringing strength and persistence to the Security, AV, Networking and AI marketplace.

Our Team of knowledgeable and devoted individuals is wholly dedicated in being the driving force for achieving your industry goal or become an instrumental part in implementing a proficient solution customized to your organizational needs.

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