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We started Adept Audio because we knew the latest music and movie streaming services were placing unprecedented demands on audio systems—and that budgets for those systems aren’t getting any bigger. The solution? Rewrite the rules of the architectural speaker business. Deliver better sound, easier installation and more affordable prices.  What gives Adept Audio the edge is our engineering team, led some of the pioneers of in-wall speakers. They’ve been building, experimenting, designing, and refining architectural speakers for decades, so they have tweaks and techniques that your average speaker engineer would never learn. They’ve used everything they know to create a speaker line that installers and their clients will enjoy for years to come.  


ELK is a leading designer and manufacturer of customized home and business security, energy management and convenience solutions. For over 20 years, we have created a trusted brand with simple, yet innovative products that have now become industry standards. Our customer service is world class and we stand behind the products we sell with industry leading technical support and warranty. We are focused on creating products that secure and simplify life. In the rapidly changing security and automation market, ELK offers an integrated approach that delivers full featured and personalized solutions for security, lighting, environmental control, energy conservation, access control, and management of just about any electrical feature in the home or business. 

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ICON Signals is an advanced monitoring and event notification platform that integrates with various phone systems, environmental sensors and customer premises monitoring and alarm systems. When an event happens, Signals notifies designated people, groups and IoT devices when something happens. Notifications are delivered via text message, voice message, video feed, audible or visual alert and more. Detailed management and event reports are also provided. Developed by ICON, Signals can operate as a hosted “cloud” service or as a customer premises application.

Becoming aware as quickly as possible when an unexpected situation or disturbance occurs is the first step towards preventing disaster, ensuring the safety of your employees and protecting the security of your business assets.


Traditionally, access control and intrusion detection systems have worked independently of each other. ICT brings these together to provide a single cohesive and unified solution that helps you keep unwanted visitors outside, while enabling you to monitor and control access inside.  Using a single system for access control, intrusion detection, and building automation not only saves money on the installation, the features it unlocks can lead to improved staff safety, a more user friendly system that is more efficient to operate, and of course a higher level of security.

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Located in Van Nuys, California, Louroe Electronics® has been the world leader in audio monitoring technology since its inception in 1979.  Recognized globally, Louroe Electronics’ products are used in 50 countries and are utilized by both the private sector and government.  The company’s Verifact® line of microphones, complementing base stations, and communication accessories, provide line level output to interface with various digital electronics. For over three decades, Louroe Electronics has maintained rigorous standards to ensure their products provide reliability, durability, and excellent performance for their customers’ needs.


Flawless AV over IP switching

High-quality visuals without hassle may be a bit fuzzy, but our message is clear. You can offer preconfigured, easy-to-install network switches engineered for AV over IP system installations. Your customers will get amazing up to 4K HDR video without any headaches.  AV over IP is a fast-growing market and for good reasons: true 4K and 10GB video distribution, reduced user costs, networks that are easier to create and modify, plus far more room for innovation.  AV over IP overcomes the traditional problems of video distribution. Plus, the old world of point-to-point or circuit-based matrix switches are simply not fit-for-purpose in an industry where flexibility, scalability, zero-latency and high speed are non-negotiable requirements.


System Surveyor is more than just a cool system design tool.  Manage the complete life cycle of systems including Electronic Security, AV, Fire and IT.  Capture Floor Plans from the Camera or Cloud File Sharing:  Import floor plans on the fly, Create a system of record for existing and planned devices, Securely collaborate on plans, Set plans to scale.

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TechLogix Networx offers several Fiber Optic Solutions for your AV and Network needs.  With products for Fiber Infrastructure, Furniture Accessories, Room Systems, AV Signal Distribution, and Custom Cable Builders, TechLogix Neworx covers your entire system.  The all-in-one audio/video presentation systems, ideal for K-12 and higher education classrooms, are game changers with easy installation and on/off button source selection controls, taking out the guesswork in hooking up a laptop to the presentation screen.